Gold is the main currency of Solia, the other being Luna, and is obtained by posting in the forums, but can also be acquired from other users via trades, either from selling items and services or receiving donations. Gold can be spent on various items in shops or traded to other users.

Earning GoldEdit

The first few posts made by a user in a day will earn more Gold than usual. The amount of Gold earned per posts steadily decreases as the user spends more time on the site and makes more posts, although more Gold yield can be made from posts the longer they are. The maximum amount of Gold available from one post is 50, and the minimum is 12. In the Games and Contest forum the rate is lower (Around 30 for the first post lowering to a minimum of around 9.) due to the forum being primarily post-and-run content which is considered spam anywhere else on the forum.

Gold bonusesEdit

During the grand opening of Solia Online, Gold gain was temporarily turned up to five times the normal setting. This bonus occurred from June 19 to 24 in 2008.