Apple is a set of fruit-themed green items.

Apple can also refer to an Extended Palette Color.


Item Name Description Price
Apple Armwarmers Apple Armwarmers Lime green arm warmers that are apple scented. 400
Apple Leg Warmers Apple Legwarmers Lime green leg warmers that are apple scented. 500
Apple Necklace Apple Necklace 250
Apple Ribbon Apple Ribbon Lime green ribbon that is apple scented. 500
Apple Shirt Apple Shirt Lime green shirt that is apple scented. 900
Apple Shoes Apple Shoes Don't worry you won't get sick, nobody took the time to make a virus for an apple. 400
Apple Shorts Apple Shorts Lime green shorts that are apple scented. 800
Apple Skirt Apple Skirt Lime green skirt that is apple scented. 800


Apple-m Apple-f

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